Blackened Streets & Darkened Skies: Dark Heresy

Alora Fair's Story

Alora Fair set looking out with an emotionless face onto the walkway that ran in front of her small corner stand where she sold smokes, reading material and a few snack items. Alora worked at the shop because it was what her new master had told her to do, she knew that the shop was a front for the Order of Inquisition use as a dumb drop as a discreet place for Acolytes to pass along messages to their higher ups. Alora knew that she was technically a member of the Inquisition an Acolyte herself, but that meant nothing to her, only that her new master was an Inquisitor and since Alora served her new master she in turn served the Inquisition.

Alora didn’t feel boredom despite the fact that all she did was sit here day after day with very few customers nor did she feel pride as an Acolyte, she felt very little of anything because she was a Mind Cleanse; her old master had called her a Doll and therefore could not feel emotions like a normal people. Alora had very few memories of her life and knew that those few she did have may be false ones all she knew was that at some point during her initiation in the dark holds of the Black Ship she was wiped of her mind to safe her sanity and reprogrammed as she was now. The only thing she knew as facts were that she had once served Lord Spencer of House Vanrush a now dead heretic and she now served Inquisitor Lady Esailla and every night brought with it nightmares of flames, an older sister holding her close and screaming in the darkness.

Alora’s shop was in the midsection of a newer Hives on the Sector Capital World it was neither rich nor poor and saw people from each of those social standings. So, it was ideally placed for anyone of any social background to approach. It was a far cry from the Noble House Estate that Alora had once lived in with her old master Spencer. If Alora felt anything for her former master, it would be disgust. Spencer had received Alora from the Order Telepathica because Mind Cleanses were too vulnerable on their own and where always give over to ‘trust worthy’ individuals to oversee them. Spencer had been far from trust worthy; he had used her as his personal Doll and bodyguard and had even used her command words to make her do things that had forced even her to cry herself to sleep.

Alora had been in Spencer’s care for three years when events came to pass to see an end to her service to her old master. She knew of the spy who had walked the halls of her master’s House, she had wondered if he was an assassin and hoped that she would not be around to stop him if he were sent to kill her master, the heir to the House. In the end, the spy had only been the catalyst to her master’s end as he had discovered the heresy that Spencer was worshiping and in turn sent the Inquisition to her old master’s House. When the Inquisition came with force and flame, they spared very few of the Noble House’s members. And when the Inquisitor Lady Esailla stood before Spencer, he had ordered Alora to attack, but he had failed to tell her who to attack a mistake he made only once as Alora turned on him sending her knives into his cold heart with the words “No more” being whispered to her old master.

After those events, Alora was taken into Lady Esailla’s custody. The Inquisitor was quick to learn Alora’s command words and in so doing became Alora’s new master. Lady Esailla had only used Alora’s command words to give one order, “Follow my orders and see to your own well-being child.” With that, Lady Esailla made Alora one of her Acolytes and saw to her initiation into the Order of Inquisition. So, Alora found herself for the first time looking to her own ‘wellbeing’ and was given task that left her to her own devices a thing that had never happened to her before. At first, Alora had felt something that must have been akin to fear if she knew what that was, but as the months pass by she learn to look after herself and do her job with a high degree of skill. Alora had quickly adapted to not having someone oversee her, something that many believed Mind Cleanses just were not able to do.

It was due to her ability to adapt and learn that Alora looked up with a ghost of what one may say was surprise on her face when she saw Lady Esailla and a young girl named Serenity Marra walking up to her small shop. As the Lady cut through the crowd, Alora had the time to notice Serenity looking at her with a guarded manner. She knew that Serenity was trying to decide just how best to deal with Alora if she went wild and Alora for her part was wondering how best to kill Serenity is she threatened her new master Lady Esailla.

Esailla for her part looked at the two young ladies like a mother looking at quarrelling siblings and broke the silence of the group. “Now ladies please play nice. Alora I’ve come with good news you have a new task. I am gathering a new group to oversee some of my more minor affairs and you will be joining them. I wish for you to serve and protect them as you see fit.”

Alora was quite for a few moments as the realization that her job here was done; part of her wondered at just what was ahead of her. Some would call it fear or excitement, but for Alora emotions were never that strong. “Yes my Lady I will do so” was all that she said in response.

Lady Esailla smiled at that with a nod but the seemed to take in Alora’s surroundings in the shop and the dress she was wearing and answered. “Well good Alora, but before you join your new group I think I shall take you clothes shopping and you also help me pick out something for Serenity here as she seems to think that battledress is the only thing worth wearing.”

With that Alora stood and left the little shop to join Lady Esailla for a day of clothes shopping and it was only the most perceptive or someone who knew Alora that would see that shadow of a smile that played across her face as she walked down the street behind the Lady and her young companion.


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