Blackened Streets & Darkened Skies: Dark Heresy

Dark Tidings and Distant Rumors [Game Intro Story]

Inquisitor Esailla Kane set at her office desk located deep inside her estate, an old merchant’s household in the upper mercantile district of the Hive, on the Sector Capital Planet of Scintilla. The Number House, as it was called, had been previously owned by a jewelry importer family who had be rounded up by Esailla for smuggling warp tainted artifacts of true heresy onto the planet. The household was so named for the fact it was build with the old family’s tradition of having an exact number of types of rooms like the thirteen bedrooms, seven bathrooms, four dining rooms, and so forth.

Esailla could have had her residence in a more highly placed district like many of her peers did, but having a household in the anonymous and heavily populated mercantile district allowed her a degree of concealment from those in higher ranks. In fact, she went out of her way to keep a low profile around her estate which only housed herself, Kira, Serenity and four house servants with Caine Abnett’s team only staying at the estate occasionally. The Number House was Esailla’s quiet retreat from the nosy, dirty environment of the Hive world of Scintilla, but more than that it was her center of operations on the planet and stronghold with a fully equipped armory when times called for such things.

Esailla was looking at the report she had just received from Caine and it was disturbing, but at the same time uplifting. For the first time in over a year, a sign had surfaced that would hopefully lead to her target, Torian Grover. Torian was a heretic that had eluded her and her mentor Inquisitor Host for over forty-three years, and he had only gained in power and corruption during his flight from the Inquisition’s justice. Now on the hive world of Laskin in the Sub-Sector of Drusus Marches, Gregan Hephastus who was a psyker and a servant of the heretic priest Torian had been spotted by Caine’s team and stopped from making his exit from the planet. Now hiding somewhere in the dark streets of that hive world, he was Esailla’s lead to finding and bringing down Torian and that was why she now set in her office awaiting Kira’s arrival.

Kira walked in dressed in a form fitting red suit and a well made black fur lined overcoat carrying a data slate in one hand and a cup of hot tea in her other. “You wanted to see me, Lady.”

Esailla looked up at her Interrogator, “Yes, how soon can arrangements be made to leave planet and make our way to the world Laskin?”

Kira paused for a moment to set the hot tea in front of Esailla before looking down at her data slate, “Well that depends on the urgency of departure, at the current moment we have none of our usual contracted ship captains in system so I would have to negotiate passage with a new captain and that means interviews, at the longest a week.”

Esailla didn’t seem pleased by the news, but her emotions were kept well guarded as she looked back down at Caine’s report. “I don’t know if we have that much time, but see what you can do Kira with as much haste as possible.”

Kira nodded, but before leaving the room spoke up once more, “Inquisitor you have received a request from the Inquisitor Tyburn Graves for your assistance on a matter on the planet of Iocanthos.”

Esailla sighed and reached for the data slate to read the request before answering, the mission briefing which detailed the request for aid from the settlement of Stern Hope on the agri-world of Iocanthos where a new cathedral has been raised in honor of Saint Drusus. The incident reports that had obligated the request for aid are vague and suggested suspicious disturbances, possibly psychic or warp-based. Inquisitor Tyburn Graves has a Acolyte already on planet by the name of Aritsarchus the Seer who passed on the request is awaiting further orders and assistance before investigating into this disturbances. “Somehow it doesn’t surprise me that Graves is calling in his mark in this way. Rumors that he himself doesn’t want to check on, so he sends the ‘women’ do his dirty work. I don’t have time for this. I can’t ignore the request either. Have all of the new members finally settled in yet?”

Kira walked over to look out the large glass window onto the garden that lay behind the estate, “Well, yes, except for the young lady from the Adepta Sororitas who is expected to arrive any day now.”

Esailla set the data slate down on the desk, “Okay, three days after Keshet’s arrival I would like to set up a meeting for the rest of the Acolytes that should give me time to discuss things with our new member and let her settle in before heading out into the field. I and Serenity will be leaving after that with you staying behind to oversee the logistics of this mission from Graves for the rest of the Acolytes and provide any other support they may need while I’m away.”

Kira turned back to the Inquisitor, “Lady Esailla are you sure they are ready for this? This will be their first field mission and if I’m to stay here at the estate and you are away hunting Torian that means they will be on their own.”

Esailla was silent for a few moments as she bowed her head of her desk, “I believe this mission is no more than a nuisance that Graves didn’t want to take care of himself and I do not have the time so it falls on them to complete it. That said we both know the first mission is a test that we must all face. I just hope none of them are found wanting, and we can only trust in their abilities and skills and the guiding light of the Emperor to see them through it.”


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