Lady Esailla


Character Knowledge

Inquisitor Lady Esailla Kane is a mystery to many even in the Order Hereticus known as the “Lady of Mercy” she is known for finding corruption and heresy on worlds thought to be strongly on the path of the Emperor’s Light. It is known that she has strong ties with the Order of Adepta Sororitas widely known for their Sisters of Battle and some believe she was once one of this famed female fighters for the Emperor but when asked the Lady simple states that she has had the honor to serve next to but not among this most valiant of women.

Lady Esailla’s inquisition seems to focus on find and destroy corruption and heresy in the leaders of the people of the Imperium as she seems to have a hatred for those that would lead the weaker astray from the Emperor’s Light. Some would say that she is too kind hearted when it comes to the lesser classes of society and alienates the true upholders of the Imperium the nobles that the society is built upon. The fact of the matter is corruption and the misuse of the weak is everywhere and some would question how the Lady ever gets anything done is she stopped to help out every weak soul she found, she dose this by staying focused on the mission at hand and only helping those that she come across her path while doing so. Lady Esailla choices Acolytes that are skilled, driven and have the ability for moderation of force and compassion on most accounts but like all agents of the Inquisition they must also be skilled enough and strong of will to burn all who have fallen to heresy and bring about a merciful ending to the suffering of their souls which has fallen from the Emperor’s Light.

Player Knowledge

Lady Esailla Kane was once a Sister Hospitaller a branch of the Order of Adepta Sororitas and was forced to leave the order some 80 years ago (despite the fact that she only looks to be in her late twenties) after the events on the planet of Altam. During a Ork incursion that swept the Cardinal World almost destroying it and its defenders Esailla broke with the traditions of her order and took up arms to help defend the planet and in doing so earn the worship of the Guardsmen and women who she served next too. After the planet was freed of the orks and the High Cardinal Torian Grover returned from the planet he had fled hoping to regain power and prestige from the victory. He soon learned that was imposible do to the fame and worship that had fallowed in Esailla’s action so he tried to have Esailla declared a heretic but was stopped by Esailla’s Sister Superior who then had to send Esailla away on a mission of repentance which was done in the service of a Rouge Trader on the edge of Imperium space and beyond.

High Cardinal Torian still seeing Esailla as a threat would later try to convince the Inquisitor Host Barka of her guilt. Inquisitor Host later fond and questioned Esailla extensively but found her heart to be true seeing that corruption had influenced his inquisition Host took Esailla as his Acolyte and returned to Altam to purge it of the dark corruption and latter discovered heresy at its core.

Esailla would serve with Host for the next thirty-six years before coming a Inquisitor herself after his disappearance from the Calixis Sector where he is now believed to be in the Koronus Expanse. Sense becoming a Inquisitor Lady Esailla has accumulated only three known cells, the remains of the first now serve as her personal aids and companions while the second oldest as the reputation of being the Lady’s burning might. The newest cell has only been formed recently and the first cell fully recruited by the Lady Esailla’s right hand Kira VanEisen and will be replacing the Lady’s first cell as her forward investigative tool while she is focused on other missions.


Lady Esailla

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