Ws [11] +20 [31]

Bs [15] +20 [35]

S [07] +20 [27]

T [04] +20 [24]

Ag [16] +20 [36]

Int [09] +20 [29]

Per [12] +20 [32]

Wp [11] +15 [26]

Fel [18] +25,+5 [48]

Starting Skills:

Speak Language [Int] ( High Gothic, Low Gothic)

, Literacy [Int],

Blather [Fel],

Charm [Fel],

Decieve [Fel],

Awareness [Per],

Common Lore (Imperium) [Int].

Starting Talents:


Melee Weapon Training (Primitive),

Pistol Training (SP),

Basic Weapon Training (SP).

Etiquette (+10 On charm, deceive and scrutiny tests w/ high authority and formal situations).

Peer (Nobility),

Peer (Underworld),


Wealth (double starting income, noble monthly income).

Starting Equipment:

Autogun (1 clip),

Hunting Rifle(1clip),

brass knuckles,


Quilted Vest.

Experience 400

Dodge (S)(100xp) Barter (S) (100xp) Awareness +10 (S)(100xp) Fellowship (Simple) (100xp)

Thrones:280 Red-dot Laser Sight (50 TH) +.5kg +10 BS when fired on Single.

Telescopic scope (30 TH) +.5kg + Ignores pen for long and extreme range if Aim is taken.

Silencer (10 TH) +1kg -20 to detect and ½ the normal distance to detect.

Man Stopper Bullets(AP)(5TH/6shells) +3 Penetration

Flak Jacket (100TH) Arms,Body, Legs, 3AP, 6kg, 5AP vs Blast

Stummer (25TH) 2kg +30 to silent moves, 20minutes, 1hour charge 60TH

Stub Revolver (40TH)1kg 1d10+3I, 6clip, 2RLD, Reliable (Failure)Roll 1d10(10) Jam)

20 Thrones Remaining.



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